What is pedodontics?

Children are our most precious, present and future assets. Our priority in children’s dentistry is to create a fear-free, gentle environment, based on an educated approach. Our youngest patients should experience no dental fear, but rather feel welcomed and taken seriously.

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What lies at the forefront of pedodontics?

Our goal is to look after the child’s dental health as thoroughly as possible, during school years. Nutrition education is the top priority in prophylaxis. In addition, of course, the best age-appropriate tooth cleaning technology is used. Dental plaque is made visible with the help of disclosing agents. Fluoridation is often employed.

If a filling is necessary, we always try to use composite plastic or ceramic fillings that are amalgam free. Generally, consistent dental exams of both the permanent teeth, as well as the deciduous teeth, ensure that they are kept clean at all times, with suitable cleaning technology.

When should children’s prophylaxis start?

Children should undergo a dental exam once a year, beginning at the age of 3. From the age of 6 (the beginning of the mixed dentition period) up to the age of 17, a dental exam is required two to three times a year. Prophylaxis exams are advisable two to three times a year.

Sedation for your child’s dental work

Some practices/clinics carry out sedation with nitrous oxide, the so-called “laughing gas” (N2O). According to recent studies, nitrous oxide can cause permanent damage to the nerves in the spinal cord, therefore we do not employ this sedation method.

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A dental examination is the first step before considering any treatment.

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