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Why choose German Dental Clinic?

We are driven by passion and committed to excellence. Our primary goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality services and the best materials. We are dedicated to Biological Dentistry and equipped to take care of your oral health in the safest, least toxic way.

Dental fear is common in most people and we strive to change that. We want to transform fear into a pleasant experience.

Dental Services

Here’s how we can give you back your radiant and healthy smile:


Titanium and ceramic implants – a perfectly functional and comfortable restoration, with a natural and pleasant physiognomic.
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Oral surgery

Surgical treatments: extractions, resections, incision and drainage of abscessed teeth, bone graft, sinus lifting.

Dental aesthetics

Whitening treatments, veneers, inlays/onlays, correction of dental trauma and irregularities.
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Root canal treatment under microscope – saving the natural tooth is always the top priority.
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Dental crowns and bridges, veneers, inlays/ onlays, prosthesis.
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Advanced and delicate dental care, specially adapted for the needs and comfort of children.
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Gum treatments

The treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis, microsurgical correction of the gums.


Dental braces, trays, orthodontic treatments, the correction of vicious habits.
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Professional hygienization and scaling, sealing of the splints and grooves, early detection and treatment of caries, fluoridation, correction of vicious habits.


Our clinic provides patients with its own dental radiology service, which offers the necessary types of X-Rays for all treatment procedures:

⦿ Panoramic radiography

⦿ Intra-oral radiography

⦿ CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

⦿ Digital lateral cephalometric radiography

Radiological exposure is minimal and negligible.

Beauty services

Here’s how we can beautify your skin:

Anti-aging facial treatments


Our clinic uses an advanced sterilization system that pertains to the category of those used in hospitals. MELAG devices guarantee a maximum level of safety and ensure the health protection of patients, while being in full compliance with the strict regulations in the field of sterilization.

German Dental Practices

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